Disney star shaking up the space industry

Bridgit Mendler, known for her roles in Disney Channel shows and her successful music career, is now venturing into a new realm: the space industry. Teaming up with her husband Griffin Cleverly and Shaurya Luthra, Mendler has co-founded Northwood Space, a startup based in El Segundo, California, with a vision to revolutionize the accessibility of satellite data.


2/24/20241 min read

Former Disney star Bridgit Mendler, along with her team at Northwood Space, is shaking up the space industry by mass-producing ground stations to make satellite data more accessible.

Northwood Space aims to bridge the gap between Earth and space by establishing a robust infrastructure to efficiently transmit satellite data. Mendler envisions this as a "data highway," making it easier for businesses to access vital information from space. The company plans to achieve this by mass-producing ground stations, the antennas responsible for receiving data from satellites.

In a recent announcement, Mendler, now serving as Northwood's CEO, highlighted the challenges of sending and receiving data to and from space. She emphasized the difficulty in finding access points for satellite communication. To address this issue, Northwood intends to streamline the process by rapidly deploying ground stations, enabling space companies to access satellite data without the hassle of building their own infrastructure.

Drawing parallels to cloud computing services like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Mendler envisions Northwood offering a similar model where businesses can rent ground station capacity instead of investing in their own facilities. This approach aims to lower barriers to entry and accelerate the adoption of satellite technology across various industries.

Northwood Space has already garnered significant attention from investors, raising $6.3 million in seed funding from prominent venture capital firms. The startup plans to conduct its first test of the technology later this year, marking a significant milestone in its journey to reshape the space industry.

Mendler's transition from entertainment to entrepreneurship reflects her passion for innovation and her commitment to making space technology more accessible. With Northwood Space, she is poised to disrupt the space industry and pave the way for a new era of satellite data accessibility.